Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory

About us

The Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory investigates the biology of auditory learning. Seeing first-hand the potential for biological change—from single neurons in animal models to aggregate brain activity in humans—galvanizes us to apply the principles of neuroscience to the study of human communication and treatment of its disorders.

Through a series of innovative studies involving thousands of research participants from birth to age 90, we have found that our lives in sound, for better (musicians, bilinguals, auditory training) or worse (learning disabilities, aging, hearing loss), shape the biological infrastructure of the auditory system. Parallel experiments in animal models elucidate the mechanisms underlying these phenomena.

The lab has invented new ways to measure the biology of auditory processing. This cutting-edge technology provides unprecedented precision and granularity in indexing brain function and allows us to push science beyond the laboratory by conducting studies in schools, community centers, and clinics.

Using the principles of neuroscience to improve human communication, we advocate for best practices in education, health, and social policy.

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Members of Auditory Neuroscience Lab