Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory

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Maps and Directions to the Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory

Our Address is:

Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory

Frances Searle Building Rm 2-233

2240 Campus Dr.

Evanston, IL 60208

The Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory is located in the Frances Searle Building on the North end of Northwestern's Evanston campus. From Sheridan Rd., turn eastbound (towards the lake) on Lincoln St. Follow the road directly south through the construction to where it curves left. Continue straight (towards the lake) and follow directions towards "Clinic Patient Parking". Pull into the parking lot on your right and park in one of the spots marked “Clinic Patient Parking”. If you do not already have a parking pass, call the lab at 847-491-2465 and a lab member will bring you one. Remember to hang your parking tag from your rearview mirror.

To see a map of the driving directions from Sheridan Rd. to the Frances Searle Building, click Map of Northwestern University Evanston Campus.

To see a picture of the building click Frances Searle Building This is the main entrance.



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