Neural Encoding of Music

The Extraordinary Ways Rhythm Shapes Our Lives (2023)

Music helps facilitate language learning and so much more: Professor Nina Kraus, Northwestern Univ. (2021)

NAMM Foundation Grand Rally for Music Education featuring Dr. Nina Kraus and Renée Fleming (2021)

A Scientist Walks into a Bar: Interview with Nina Kraus (2020)

American Music Therapy Association National Conference Keynote (2020)

Renee Fleming’s Music and the Mind Live with Nina Kraus (2020)

NEA – National Endowment for the Arts (2019)
All Labs Summit

The Science of Sound:
How Music and Rhythm Research Informs Healthy Choices

Sound Health (2018)
Music and the Mind: with Dr. Nina Kraus

Sound Health (2018)
Say it with Rhythm! A Performance Demo with Dr. Nina Kraus (ft. Mickey Hart and Zakir Hussain)

Music Therapy Conference (2018)
At the intersection of medicine, society and our personal lives

ARO (2018)
Dr. Nina Kraus speaks at the Balboa Theater in San Diego

Music Together Conference (2018)
Join us to celebrate thirty years of making the world more musical!

Sound Health (2017)
Nina Kraus and the D.C. Youth Orchestra on Music and Childhood Development

Music in Mind: Nina Kraus and Charles Limb
Special presentation for the Association for Research in Otolaryngology at the San Diego Symphony, 2016

Music and Language – A Brain Partnership
Presentation for the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics at the Stanford University, 2016



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